Lord of water


The company "Trading House "Lord of water" organizes drinking mode of Your enterprise. We are ready to deliver You the artesian drinking water of high quality in multi-19 L containers and disposable 5L.

Drinking water
"Water of Life" artesian highest category air-conditioned fluorine and iodine.
One-time delivery 250 bottles 19 L -180 rubles. /PCs.

Drinking water "Ivan Kupala" 1stcategory enriched with silver ions 19 L
One-time delivery of 250 bottles - 140 rubles./PCs.

Drinking water
"Ivan Kupala" first category enriched with silver ions 5L
One-time delivery 800 bottles- 28 rubles. /PCs.

The Deposit for the PET bottle 19 L-180 rubles.

We will deliver pure artesian water "Ivan Kupala" directly to Your facility or office in Moscow within the ring road and near suburbs within 4 days after receiving the order.

Order online or by phone 920-382-61-11 , (4942)630-220, 639-308.

Individual approach to every customer!

About Company

The company "Trading house "Lord of Water" was established on 15 March 2000. The main activity is the production, bottling and sale of clean drinking water the first category brand "IVAN KUPALA", and of high quality water brand "WATER of LIFE".

Before we start, were examined dozens of sources, and selected the best well in the Kostroma region, responsible for all water quality requirements of sanitary norms and rules. The company, in accordance with the applicable environmental laws, has a zone (the first zone of sanitary protection zones) within a radius of 50 meters from the well. Water treatment presents a multistage processing through filters for coarse and fine cleaning from 50 to 5 microns. Further to enhance the organoleptic properties of water, filtering through charcoal and gravel filters. The next stage of water treatment is a water softening, decrease stiffness. This allows you to balance the water the salt composition, which in turn gives the minimal presence of scale by boiling the water.

Manufacturing address: RUSSIA, Kostroma city, ul. Krassnaja Baidarka, 46

Email / Order ONLINE: vinogradova@voda44.ru

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